Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Vocals and Geetars

Yesterday we were, as we said, Ben-less.

I felt a little out of it, probably because of the long weekend (a weekend that included seven planes, two shows, three late nights and two early morning flights). I played my guitar part for Love is a Good Thing and felt terrible about it. Everything seemed out of time and out of tune, but I finally made it through with Gully at the controls. Then he played his guitar part and I struggled to pay attention through the grogginess.

We took a break for lunch and when we got back I tried singing a few passes of the vocal on the same song, but it just wasn't happening. So today, first thing, we listened back to what we'd recorded Monday and found to our surprise that it was just fine, once again proving true the old saying, "When you feel crummy your guitars and vocals also seem crummy, though they may not be."

Then we started working on All Things New, and after a glorious lunch at Hot Diggity Dogs with some buddies (who included the infamous Eric Peters, just back from his summer at Young Life camp), set back in working on the vocals. I felt way better today than yesterday and we were able to get not one but three vocals sung and comped. (Love is a Good Thing, All Things New, and Rocket).

It was a good day's work.

We had a few special guests at the studio again today, and we'll get those edited for your viewing pleasure as soon as we can.

More tomorrow.



John said...

You don't look groggy. You look like a hundred dollars. Sing it man!

chart said...

Any chance that your going to throw some hammer dulcimer into a song or two?

Andrew Peterson said...

YES. As a matter of fact, we were just talking yesterday about using it on "All Things New".