Monday, July 30, 2007

Ben-less Overdubbing

It's late Sunday night.

It was a pretty busy weekend for just two shows--one in New Orleans for a church building full of sweet folks, then a long plane trip to Denver via Nashville and Chicago, where we had the honor of opening for one of my favorites, Fernando Ortega. It was great to see him, though our hang out time was woefully short. I also had a good meeting with my editor at Waterbrook for my book, and finished Harry Potter, which pretty much wrecked me.

Tomorrow Ben has a session with the infamous Ed Cash, so Andy G. and I will be recording guitars without him. I'll try to get a little video and/or a few pics and post them tomorrow night. Thanks for reading, and for those of you who came out to the shows this weekend. We had a great time trying out a few of these new songs.


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clairestrebeck said...

My husband and I enjoyed the show in New Orleans Friday. The music you write has such a visual quality to it that sometimes we forget that we are listening to music, but instead are seeing what you are singing. Thank you for the show.