Saturday, August 04, 2007

When a Captain is Away, Part 2

We don't have any video of it this time, but with Andy G. gone, Ben and I were out of steam. We had that long day yesterday, and for some reason couldn't muster the emotional energy we needed to do good work.

After singing a verse of "Invisible God" I knew my voice wasn't sounding good and we cut it short. Then we recorded my acoustic guitar part (which is a very basic strum part, so that we can leave room for the other instrumentation) for "The Good Confession". All morning we were watching the clock, wishing it was time for lunch. When lunch finally came we zipped out of there like the place was on fire and met Paul Eckberg and Goodgame at a local mexican joint.

I don't know if it was the beans or the enchiladas, but when we got back to the studio we were just done recording. Goodgame played us a new song of his that I'm considering for this record, I played them a few ideas for a new song too. I'm not convinced that all the songs are written for this album, and I have a slow start to one that may turn into something usable. Anyway, we threw in the towel early today.

I came home just in time to ride with Jamie to a local park where the ranger was teaching about how to grow a butterfly garden. We learned about milkweed and monarchs and parsley--actually Jamie was the one paying attention. I was reading a Wendell Berry book. It was so nice just sitting still and letting my mind ease into something non-musical for a while.

We have a show in Alabama on Monday (at which we'll be joined by Eric Peters) and we'll hope that come Tuesday the energy level is back to normal.


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tom said...

Where in Alabama will you be on Monday? I would love to come to the show. It's not posted on your website - is it open to the public?

Andrew Peterson said...


Sorry about this, but the show in Alabama is a private event. I probably shouldn't have posted anything about it, but alas, the cat is out of the bag. Sorry!


Tk log said...

I am so glad, and so encouraged, that not only I, but the Great Captains Courageous need a little break from music, if only for a while, as well. I think it'd be cool to write a song about how songs can get old sometimes. hm.