Monday, March 10, 2008

Resurrection Letters Tour Video

Howdy, friends.

It's been months since the poor Andrew Peterson and the Captains Courageous blog has been tended to, and for good reason. Not only have things been busy, but my blog has moved to the Rabbit Room.

The video below is from the first show of the Resurrection Letters tour, and will be the last video shown on this dear old blog. I'll leave the album videos up for posterity, but for new stuff, subscribe to the RSS feed for the good ol' Rabbit Room and whenever I or the other contributors there post, you'll know about it. You can also just link to just my posts in the RR by clicking the "Posts" button below my tiny picture in the sidebar of the RR.

Enough with the sad goodbyes. (sniffle) Here's the video. See you in the Rabbit Room.