Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sing. Sing a song.

Hey, folks.

We just sent out our monthly newsletter (what? You're not on the list?
Please be on the list) announcing that we're looking for 20 folks who can carry a tune to sing in a choir for the song "The Good Confession". If you can come to Nashville for a dinner (on me) and an evening of recording, I'd love to show you my appreciation for all your support. When we realized that we wanted a choir to sing on one of the songs, we thought it would be a fun way to include you guys in the making of this album.

The first 20 people to email me at singwithap@mac.com are invited to Nashville on the evening of September 4th. We'll send details to the 20.

Tomorrow's electric guitar day with Gary Burnette. Ben's getting to the studio bright and early while Gully and I head over to Eric Peters's house to help him move to his new house, which is, literally, across the street. I'm not sure if that means moving will be easier or harder. It'll be farther to walk across the street than it would've been to carry the items into the truck. But then, we won't have to unload the truck so maybe it evens out.

Either way, by midmorning we'll be nice and smelly, driving over to Gary's.

Thanks for reading,



Gaƫl Cosendai said...

Hey! How I would loooove to come and share this experience with you guys!!!! France is just a little bit far to make it for next week...Anyway, I wish you all the best for this choir recording...

paz said...

bummer, that's the disadvantage of living in arizona. :(

actually, you could do what andrew o did for one of his records and maybe have other people submit their vocals via mp3 through email.

something that was burning on my heart, if someone were to create an ap tshirt (or rather a few), who do they talk to about it? you? your manager? your mother?

just some random thoughts

sevenmiles said...

paz...I was thinking the same thing about Osenga's Webground Vocals™. I would be into that in a second. Alas, my wife might not be too happy with me flying off to Nashville last second.


Andy said...

Andy! I'd love to come up to sing in the choir...only...it's the night of my fantasy draft. And i got second pick...so me and Steven Jackson kind of have to be there so we can dominate my church league with my unlimited knowledge...anyway...*sigh* i hope yall have fun.

Rebekah said...

Oh, it sucks to live in Canada and be too far away to take a day trip to Nashville. How I wish I could. I hope those who participate will tell us all about their experience. Where is dinner going to be? La Hacienda?


Brandy said...

If I could sing, I would totally be there. As it stands, I will be doing you a favor by not showing up! :)

rednk-n-eurp said...

that is a big bummer coming from Sweden.

John warming up: me-me-me-me-me-me-meeeee!


Clique said...

I'm glad you guys are giving Pappy a hand. We thought we might have to bring a crew up from Bham..:)

Peter said...

Argh, what agony! I know a couple of people who would love to carpool... but the combined pull of work and family (the former more urgent, the latter more important) would make this a stretch if not impossible for me.

Now if you were to record in Dallas sometime...

Kat Kamin said...

That's really cool. Far, far away, though. Excited to hear the choir you gather.

Oh, and we're having JK Rowling over for dinner on Wednesday, September 5th, so if you (AP)can make it, you're invited.
(Just thought you might like to know how it feels...)

Peter said...

Also, the list link appears to be a Javascript bus to nowhere.

Joy from the Prison said...

What a blast. It's an equal blast to read the comments. I'll add my "...Maine..." to the regrets, else I'd be there.
Just a thought: maybe your Nashville location will automatically give you access to a more MUSICALLY INCLINED group of 20!
BTW, I can't access the link either.