Monday, August 13, 2007

Piano Drama

Listening to: Counting Crows - Round Here
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eiszoe said...

Poor, Ben. If he only had your genius on the piano...

What was that big saying up on the wall there?

Arron Chambers said...

Do you remember back in college how--when pulling an all-nighter to study--you'd sometimes spend hours doing stupid things with your roommates instead of studying?

Of course you do.

I'm thoroughly enjoying being a fly on your studio wall.

Matt said...

These videos make my day.

Jock said...

So was Andy playing the Dorian Scale or the Seven Diminished Mixolydian Inverted Scale?

Rebekah said...

Now, Andy, you just KNOW someone is going to send you email about the fact that Ben is a brilliant pianist and how dare you treat him so poorly? :D

The rest of us, though, find that really funny.

I wanna know about the saying on the wall, too.

Andrew Peterson said...

Eiszoe--The saying is from Michael's mentor, the late Bill Lane, I think. The quote is attributed to "Lane," so I think it's a safe assumption.

It says "Let the excellence of your work be your protest."

A good word.

Arron--Great to hear from you. Yes, I remember those college days--ahem, what ever would make you think of that?

Matt--Glad to hear it.

Jock--It was the Pentecostal Diminutive Scale.

Rebekah--A sense of humor is a terrible thing to waste.