Monday, August 13, 2007

A Long Weekend

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

We opted to fly into Gainesville, 30 minutes from Ocala, which would be close enough to my hometown to have dinner with my folks. The plane was supposed to have arrived at 5:30, and we'd get to Shiloh right around dinner time to enjoy my dad's legendary steaks.

Delta had other plans.

Every plane we rode on this weekend (a total of four) was late. We got to my parents' house at 9:30, which was in time to eat the scrumptiousness but too late to play a game of horseshoes. We could've driven from Tennessee to Florida in the same amount of time it took to fly there, what with all the delays. That's what I get for flying into a dinky airport, I suppose.

The church was gracious and enjoyable as usual, though for the second time now the kids in the youth group beat me in ping pong. I'll keep coming back to this church to play if for no other reason than to redeem myself in the eyes of these whipper-snappers. (That's the first time I've ever written "whipper-snapper", and it looks so ridiculous.)

Part of the gig involved playing for fifteen minutes before the service started. People were filing in and visiting with one another, which took a little of the pressure off, so we played a few new songs: "Invisible God" and, for the first time ever, "All Things New."

After some great mexican food for lunch, we headed back to the airport to find that our flights were once again delayed. This isn't an inconvenience to us as much as it is to our wives--as soon as it's clear that we'll be getting home much later than we thought, the Captains and I whip out the phones and deliver the bad news to our kid-weary wives. What we husbands do is definitely hard work, but it's a kind of work that doesn't involve being responsible at all times for three needy children. I don't know how Jamie does it.

Oh! For those of you who pre-ordered Appendix M, it's in. We got them Friday, and we're having a little envelope-stuffing party tomorrow night. Look for them in the mail this week.

Here's a quick movie detailing a few of the events of Friday's recording session.

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A.S. Peterson said...

Kids are still unable to beat me at ping pong, but a local youth minister friend can wipe the floor with me. I think he's the only person I've ever played that I have no hope of beating. I can beat you any day of the week though.