Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tonight's Show

Tonight was a private house show for some great supporters in Alabama. Gullahorn is out of town and the indomitable Eric Peters just got back from working a Young Life camp in Minnesota, so we asked him to come along.

After a great meal of kebabs and veggies and rice I headed downstairs for a few minutes alone before the show. I started a new song last night (a contender for the record) and squeezed in a few minutes to work on it. Eric and Ben meandered downstairs after they finished eating; we talked and prayed for a bit before the hosts and their guests came down for the concert.

I always love house concerts. Financially it's not feasible to do them too often, but when we can fit one in for some great folks like we did tonight, it's a huge blessing. There's more space for stories, more camaraderie between the audience and the players. When I left the house tonight I felt like I had encountered the Church at its best. Laughter, feasting, the telling of the good news, service: the unique sensation of interacting with the body of Christ on earth.

I sang several songs from the new record and they were (to my great relief) well-received. I had the chance to talk a little about the concept behind Resurrection Letters (something I'll post about when the time is right).

It was also great to hear Eric play again. It's been too long since I've watched his maddeningly good guitar parts, heard him sing, felt the excitement of watching people experience his music and his quirky, Pappy-fied self for the first time.

We played WePod on the way home, which whiled away the miles--the highlight of the game was hearing an Imogen Heap song I had never heard--if I haven't told you guys about WePod, I will later. It's 2:34 am and I'm fading fast.

Thanks to the Wootens and the gang for bringing us in and blessing us so much.



Joy from the Prison said...

Andrew, The way you write gives us a bit of a feel of being there. It's sweet just to read from a distance. (Guess I'm referencing our JAILhouse show... good food then too, huhhh...)

Andrew Groves said...


Andrew Peterson said...

Ahh, WePod.

It's a game that the Captains Courageous invented along with Jill Phillips when we were on tour last year. It's for any road trip situation in which there are two or more people in the car with iPods, and the way it works is this:

Someone chooses a category (we have about 150 so far) such as "Best Rock and Roll Song" or "Best Song for an 80's Movie Montage" or "Cheesiest Song that You Like Anyway" or "Song People Would Be Most Surprised That You Have on Your iPod" and everybody chooses their song from their iPod.

Then you take turns listening to the other folks' songs. If you're playing the advanced version, there's a voting and scoring system, but most of the time we just use it as an excuse to burn the miles and listen to everybody else's music for a change.

We're sort of hoping a programmer person will volunteer to write it as an iPod game so we can sell it an pay off our home mortgages. Takers, anyone?