Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tracking "Hosanna"

Well, folks. This isn't a funny one, but it's a look at another day of tracking. Thanks for the kind words about the harebrained scheme. I'm excited about it. Gully's cooking up a fine video starring Ringo and some other special guests, so stay tuned.



MIKE P said...

Oh man, I diggity dig it. That's gonna be a good one. Thanks again for letting us in on work. It's priceless.

MIKE P said...

Oh yeah, and I must say that I am insanely jealous that these guys can chart a song by ear like that. I work with a guy like that. I'l bring him a disk and say, man this is this one chord in here I can't quite nail down. He'll listen, track what chords are being played (1,2,3m, 4, etc.) like he's counting, and then say...yeah it's a IVdim9aug13sus2 first inversion or somenthing like that. Yes, jealousy.

keith said...

I get more excited about this album every time I hear a little snippet of a song. And the Easter Vol. I and II is awesome as well. I don't think you posted that blog looking for song ideas, but one came to me so I'll share it anyway. We sing a hymn at my church called "The Seven Words of Jesus on the Cross". When you sent out that e-mail I could almost here a AP/Couragified version in my mind. It is a very moving song, though I'm sure you have never heard it, the theme is what matters...the words Christ said while he hung with the sins of the world on his head. Maybe that can spark an idea for you.
Well, that's my "harebrained" thoughts, tatke it for what it's worth. Again, this album is very exciting to watch come together. Thanks

Andrew Peterson said...

I love the word "Couragified".

Thanks for the input, and for the encouraging words. I have a feeling volume one will be as much quilting together the great works already out there as writing new material.

We talked a bit about it over the last few days and I'm a little scared, but not without excitement. The thought of bringing a great band on the road and fashioning a lenten concert thrills me. The trick will be to make it non-lame.


Shawn said...

Just from the lyrical snippets available in this video, this may be my favorite song yet. I can't wait to hear the whole thing!