Sunday, August 26, 2007

Comping Vocals

Hey, folks.

I wanted to have something up for Monday morning, and this is all I could find. We should have some fun footage this week that'll make up for hearing me sing the same two lines over and over in this clip.

We had a fun show tonight in Omaha. We got right to the heart of matters. The audience was great, and we had a chance to play through a few of the new songs during soundcheck and the show.

More later.



Wes said...

Did anyone ask for their money back at the door?

Andy said...

I haven’t posted to your blog yet but I have been reading it faithfully. The recording process is fascinating to me, it is mind blowing that so much can be done with relatively little equipment. Thanks taking the time, I can't wait for the album. I enjoyed the Counting Crows reference by the way.

paz said...

it was boring until the disclaimer at the end. :)

actually, how do you guys not lose your sanity with hearing the same song over and over again?

by reading books? listening to good music?

Jill said...

My husband & I agreed that the concert was AMAZING!! I loved hearing some of the new stuff & many of the songs I am familiar with touched my heart in a new way! It was also great to meet you afterwards & tell you in person how much we enjoy your music!

Thank you Andrew, Ben & Andy for making the trip & sharing such wonderful music. (Thank you to your families too.)

MIKE P said...

1st, it's not really that boring. I can think of a 1000 more boring things out there.

2nd...OK, I understand what comping is in reference to piano or guitar (as playing a chord backing for the melody, solo, etc.). So what does the term "comping" mean in the context of that video. Or in other words, what the heck were you doing exactly? Please, enlighten us further.

Drew Scott said...

Were you playing back different takes, COMParing the vocal to choose the best, or were you altering one recording. I couldn't tell.

Shannon said...

Every time I see these videos...besides enjoying listening to the snippets of songs of the new record...I can't help thinking that you need a haircut! lol

We still love ya though...