Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Day In The Life Of A Guitar Player Co-Producing Andrew Peterson's Record

I have an e-mail in my inbox from Andrew Peterson dated July 8th. The subject heading reads: "You have been invited to contribute to Andrew Peterson's Blog".

Now, I have been following this blog and contributing in my own little ways - such as my supporting actor roles in the videos - since it started. I have had good intentions of adding my own thoughts when the time was right. The time just hasn't been right - until now.

If you have been following this blog, you will remember a post from about a month ago that was basically a copy of an iChat between Ben and Andrew (notice I was not invited). Posting the actual iChat was a move towards transparency - so you guys can see "behind the scenes" of making this record. To keep up with this level of transparency, I thought it would be a good time to show another form of communication that we use here in the music world. It is called "e-mail". It is like regular mail, but it travels over the inter web faster than an eagle. That is why it is called "e"-mail.

To give you a feel for this type of communication, I will just pick one of these e-mails at random. Let's see. Here's one from two days ago. Let's see what it says ... ... ...

From: Andrew Peterson
Date: August 19, 2007 10:26:00 PM CDT
To: Ben Shive, Andy Gullahorn
Subject: Blog

Hey, fellers.

Ben. Dear Ben. Dear, dear Ben. I noticed that you posted on the blog--the one you were both invited to post to. Thanks for posting. It's really cool that you'd take even just a few minutes to include your thoughts on the process. I know you have three small kids and a full plate, and yet you find time.

Andy. Dear Andy. Dear, dear Andy.



Wow. I hadn't read that e-mail until just now. I feel a little weird with it exposed in cyberspace - but I guess it is for the greater good. Perhaps I should explain to you guys and to Slave Driver Peterson why I haven't posted yet by outlining a day in the life of a guitar player co-producing Andrew Peterson's record.

A Day In The Life Of A Guitar Player Co-producing Andrew Peterson's Record

2:00 AM - Wake up to crying baby
3:00 AM - Wake up to crying daughter who fell out of bed
3:05 AM - Try to get baby (who woke up from crying daughter) to go back to sleep
4:30 AM - Wake up to crying baby
6:15 AM - Wake up to son breathing on my face
6:30 AM - After getting son breakfast, I jump in the shower
6:45 AM - Make breakfast for daughter who is now awake while holding crying baby
7:15 AM - Get 2 older kids to go to the bathroom, dress them and fix their bed head hair-dos
7:30 AM - Pack son's lunch for school - put it in backpack
7:40 AM - Load three kids in minivan to take son to Kindergarten
8:05 AM - Get back home. Wake up Jill to feed baby. Clean up breakfast mess.
8:30 AM - Head over to office. Clean up mess from day before.
8:50 AM - Pay bills before they are overdue. Check e-mail. Write a few back.
9:30 AM - Turn on studio computer. Start setting up mics, etc.
10:00 AM - Andrew and Ben arrive. We start "working".
1:00 PM - The best part of the day - lunch.
6:00 PM - Call it a day. Head over to house. Hold baby. Set the table. Wash kid's hands. Help get dinner ready.
6:45 PM - Dinner
7:15 PM - Walk with kids around neighborhood
7:30 PM - Bathe two older kids. Brush teeth. Put on their PJs. Set out clothes for tomorrow.
7:50 PM - Read a few library books to the kids.
8:00 PM - Bedtime
8:15 PM - Start cleaning kitchen, picking up toys and telling kids to get back in bed.
8:45 PM - Sit down on couch with Jill, hold the baby and watch some mindless TV.
9:10 PM - Give the baby a bath
9:30 PM - Sit with Jill while she feeds the baby and we talk about all of the happenings of the day and how we feel like zombies.
10:00 PM - Barely make it to bed before falling asleep.
12:00 AM - The next day is the same as the last.

Dear Mr. Peterson,
I apologize for not finding the time in my empty schedule like Ben "Teacher's Pet" Shive has done. Maybe tonight I will skip the walk with the kids or the 30 minutes I have to hang out with my wife so that I can write about mic placements. If, by chance, I AM able to carve out some free time in my day, it will most likely be spent preparing for the most important event of the year - my fantasy football draft.

Andy Gullahorn

Dear Faithful Blog Readers,
I really do apologize for not finding the time to contribute my perspective to this blog. I promise I will try harder.

Andy Gullahorn


Anonymous said...

Someone, please, get me a tissue.

Tim said...

Ha! Yes!

eiszoe said...

The real revenge was that he posted this at 10:09am, using up precious "studio" time.

Susie F said...

Dear Stressed out Andy,

Life moves fast and one day you will look back (with the added perspective of old age) on these days as the best of your life. Soak up that time with those babies like a sponge. They grow up and leave far too soon.

A Mamaw (that's Grandma for you non southerners) from Louisiana

Kat Kamin said...

Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the baby...

Bryan Allain said...

forget mic placements, who do you like as a WR sleeper i can get in the mid to late rounds of my fantasy football draft?

eiszoe said...

Will somebody please explain to me the lure of fantasy football??

paz said...

AP, BS and AG

guys, the beatles said it best when they said "all you need is love".

i think a little more love could be shared.


or at least a scheduled nap time or being more kind to andy g. :-)

sevenmiles said...

Wide receivers?

"I pick...T.J. Houzyermahmah."



Chris said...

I second the TJ Housh. suggestion--Go with Carson Palmer for QB.

lyndsayslaten said...

sheesh. that andy g fellow is really rude. someone needs to teach him a thing or two about manners.

Peter said...

Right on, Andy. People keep telling us "remember, they're only young once!" to which we are sorely tempted to respond "Good!"

Yes, they leave far too soon... but couldn't they remind us of that during daylight hours?

Joy from the Prison said...

Don't know why I'm laughing so hard, but I sure am...