Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Picture

A picture from the last day of tracking Resurrection Letters. Yup, that's the album title.

(L to R) AP, Ben Shive, Andy Hunt, Matt Pierson, Andy Gullahorn, Paul Eckberg


chart said...

What song is being tracked in "Tracking Video, Day 2" that Ben and Matt are working on the bass part?

Andrew Peterson said...

That would be a little number called "Invisible God."

It bears mentioning that Matt Pierson is one of the finest bass players around, not just in that his chops are great but that he's a humble, kind-hearted dude.

The normal protocol for this session was that he would record several passes of the song, they'd pick the best one, then he'd come up to the control room to listen and take notes. They'd discuss different options for little sections in the song, then Matt would head back to the cave to do fixes. Ben occasionally hears something really specific that he wants, hence the humming, but most of the time what Matt played was way cooler than what we would've thought up.

eiszoe said...

I like the album title. Related to that run of journals you wrote around Easter time?