Monday, July 16, 2007


Well, good people, I'm off for some family time.

We're kicking back in with the record next Monday, but this week I'll be in a little cabin with Jamie, the kids, and my in-laws. The jokes would be easy to make at this point, but they don't apply to this situation. I'm looking forward to some time playing Texas Hold 'em and marbles with my dad-in-law.

I just found out that the cabin has high-speed internet, which means that in my pathetic-ness I'll be waiting until the folks head to bed then I'll tiptoe out to the main room to update the blog with something. I have a few more videos from tracking last week to post and if I can think of anything else relevant to the point of this grand experiment, I'll put it up.

Thanks for reading, you guys.


P.S. I'm also going to be preparing my heart and mind for the end of Harry Potter. The book comes out next week, and I'm excited and sad at the same time. I'm also sad that I'll be picturing Michael Gambon as Dumbledore instead of the late great Ed Harris.


James Lee Younger III said...

Any R.A.B. predictions from AP before release of book 7?

tony said...

I thought Ringo Starr played in the new Potter?

Blake said...

Andrew, I hope you and the family enjoy your down time. I'm looking forward to Ressurection Letters, as well as Apendix M, very much.

One slight correction regarding "the late great Ed Harris." It is actually "Richard" Harris who starred in the Harry Potter movies. Ed is still alive and kicking.

God bless!

tbutte said...

It's Richard Harris, not Ed Harris, silly boy!

Jacob said...

This blog is a great idea for those of us who enjoy a little peek into the goings-on and what-nots of making an, do you say it..."album." Thanks for doing this. Can't wait to hear the new record.

Too bad about Mr. Harris, RIP.

Martin05 said...


I hope you have a relaxing vacation, soaking up time with family! It's been fun reading your blog about the new record--can't wait. I'm excited about that Old Testament idea--I always enjoy your songs straight from the Bible. I've always thought that would be a great album, "Bible Stories with Andrew Peterson".