Thursday, July 12, 2007

1:04 AM

It was a good day.

We started at nine o'clock and Paul and Andy Hunt set to plugging in cables and setting up the mics. Ben, Andy G. and I played through three songs for Matt Pierson. Matt's a bass player who's been around the block about eighty more times than any of the rest of us, but he's humble and encouraging and a blessing to be around.

It's so nice to find a player who's great at what they do without being cocky or aloof. Matt listened to Gully and I play Windows in the World, Don't Give Up On Me, and a brand-new song with the working title Rocket. He charted the songs and then to my delight asked us to play each one again so he could read the lyrics. This is rare for a studio musician, and I loved it because it meant that he cared about the songs.

We took a break for lunch at good ol' Baja Burrito and saw a bunch of friends and music people stuffing their faces with the best burritos in town. Andy G. is the unofficial videographer for the record, and he documented some of the process along with a very special guest. As soon as he gets the video made I'll post it for your viewing ecstasy.

After lunch I sat in a room with a mic, Andy G. did the same, and Paul and Matt were set up downstairs near each other. The songs sounded just great with these guys playing on them. Remember yesterday when I was writing about how songs usually don't sound right the first time I hear them with a rhythm section? Well this time they settled in easy. Paul's drumming was solid and tasteful, and Matt was right there with him.

Tomorrow we're hoping to get started faster and track four songs.

I leave you with two limericks I just posted on my MySpace blog:


My heart is afflicted and hurtin'
His absence is painful for certain
The true Dumbledore
Is with us no more
(I speak of the great Richard Burton)


You wouldn't believe all the sweat
The labor, the laughter, the debt
The drama induced
When music's produced
I'm blogging it all on the Net


Gaines said...


I hate to be a meanie, but you probably need to re-work your limerick: Dumbledore was played by the great Richard Harris. But I totally agree that the new guy can't hold a candle to Harris' portrayal.

The new movie is really good, by the way. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!

Rebekah said...

Isn't that just the way? You say that songs tend do go one way (not sounding right at the beginning) and then it turns out the exact opposite. Still, it's cool to know they're settling in nicely. I keep thinking about The Far Country and trying to hear the songs as 'too slow.' I can't hear it. But perhaps that makes sense, since I've only ever known them at the pace on the record.

As for the new HP movie - it ROCKS...I don't mind Michael Gambon as Dumbledore (although, of course, Richard Burton was superior!). This movie is the most visually stunning of all of them, I think. The final chapter (the battle in the department of mysteries) is a work of art.

Hope you get to see it soon!


Mark said...

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying learning more about the process of how my favorite music is made. I've always been interested in music and technology and recording, so to get the chance to have "eyes and ears" in the process is awesome!

Aaron said...

I'm guessing you mean Richard Harris?

Obviously they didn't have a choice...but Michael Gambon just doesn't work for me. I've heard that Richard Harris suggested that the filmmakers cast Peter O'Toole to replace him. An interesting thought.

The blog is great. The song titles are such a tease! I find myself wondering what the subject and themes of the songs will be. The last 3 records have been 3 of my favorite CDs of all time -- as much for the lyrics as for the music. Any chance of posting some lyrics?

Can't wait to hear the results of efforts.

eiszoe said...

I agree with you about Dumbledore. The new guy just doesn't have the same "gravitas" (nor a decent accent).

I would say, although the rhyme is fine, you have the wrong actor. It's Richard Harris. Richard Burton, certainly another actor with gravitas, is the Shakespearean/Elizabeth Taylor, guy. :)

Andrew Peterson said...

HILARIOUS. I worked so hard on that dang limerick and I had the wrong last name. Awesome.

I'll get to a fix later today. We're about to track a song...

MIKE P said...

AWESOME. AG has a definite flair for videography and video editing as made famous in the Sweden documentary. Looking forward to it.