Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The String Session

Here's a quick look at the string session. The song they're working on here is "Hosanna", and I have to say that I believe that Ben Shive has outdone himself. You should've heard these string players going on about how great the arrangements were, all the more amazed because Ben isn't a string player.

Hope you like it.



Mike said...

Wow! I just cannot wait for this cd to come out! Thanks for the teasers.

Rebekah said...

Chills! I loooooooooooove strings. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!

Elizabeth said...

They are beautiful!

James Lee Younger III said...

that rocked my face off.

thanks. now i gotta go get a new one.

Hunter said...

Dearest Andrew,

You should really think about joining Twitter.

Just think about it. It's like crack.

...aaand I love those string arrangements. Can't wait to order the new CD! :)

- Hunter

Peter said...

Pretty much what they said, couldn't be more psyched, etc.

Did John finally correct himself by saying "sforzando" at the end there?

lyndsayslaten said...


David B. Johnson said...


In the Rabbits Room, Eric posted about your Love and Thunder album. Because of the gratitude felt by my wife and me for that album, I wanted to post these words on your blog as well. Thanks so much.

Mr. Peters,

Thanks for drawing attention to what I believe is AP’s best album to date. I was introduced to Love and Thunder by my “Eschatology” professor in seminary and it has continually been a gracious source of hope for me and my family. In April of this year, my father-in-law lost his battle with cancer, two weeks before our third child was born. Our prayer was that “Opa” would at least get to meet our first son. However, God had other plans. The timing of his death and Silas’ birth prevented us from travelling home for the funeral. The day of her father’s death, my wife went into false labor and her doctor instructed us to not travel under any circumstances. Needless to say, it was a very difficult time for our family, However, God mercifully ministered to us specifically through the last three tracks of Love and Thunder. The cross-centeredness of “High Noon” pointed us to the cross and tomb, the reason for our hope. The honesty of “The Silence of God” allowed us to genuinely grieve without the hopeless cliches that often come from the mouths of well-meaning Christians. Finally, “After the Last Tear Falls” directed our gaze to that eternal city for which Abraham and Sarah longed (Canaan Bound), where there will be no more tears or crying or pain. We cannot express how grateful we are for the depth and honesty and hope contained in AP’s music and especially in Love and Thunder. Our heartfelt thanks.