Friday, October 26, 2007


Hey, folks.

The kids are in bed, Jamie's baking some amazing pumpkiny cake, and I'm just finishing up packing for the trip tomorrow. We're heading to Virginia then Louisiana with a more or less completed Resurrection Letters, Vol. II. The Captains and I spent the day at Todd Robbins's mixing studio tweaking the songs until they're just right, and as of tonight I feel confident that we've done the very best job we could do. It feels so, so good to have this record wrapped up. It'll feel even better when it's packaged and ready for public consumption. I sure hope it's a blessing to folks.

So in the process of packing I was thinking about our set list, wondering if we were in fact playing the songs that you guys want to hear. So let me have it. Which songs have we not been playing that you want to hear, which songs have we been playing too often, which songs should we work up new arrangements of?

We aim to please.

Have a great weekend.


P.S. Slowly but surely, I'm going to start posting these things on my Rabbit Room blog, linked from my website. If there's no update here, check there for videos. Thanks for reading, folks!


K. H. Kan said...

How about 3 Days Before Autumn?

daniel9245 said...

Hey Andrew,

I'll be there for the Richmond concert. This will be my 8th concert of yours, and it would be awesome to hear an acoustic version of The Far Country. And of course anything new.

JD said...

Could you turn "The Chasing Song" into a hard-core bluegrass tune? I could really feel some banjo in there. Dobro solo would sound great too.

A couple of Rich Mullins covers I would love to hear from you:
1. Hold Me Jesus- a softer guitar version
2. Hard To Get
3. Screen Door- the cup flipping version
4. The Other Side of the World

Shawn said...

Even though I will be dying to hear a song from the new CD, I think the one song that you have recorded that never fails to bring tears to my eyes is “Let Me Sing”. The lyrics never fail to make me appreciate the beauty of creation and God’s plan.

Aaron said...

My wife and I are making the drive to the Terre Haute concert. Three favorites I'd love to hear:

(1) Family Man
(2) The Silence Of God
(3) Little Boy Heart Alive

Absolutely can't wait to hear "Behold The Lamb Of God" live.

Johnny Gall said...

I don't really know the current set list. (From what I've seen, you don't really venture to the Northeast much.)
But Come Lord Jesus has always spoken to me, if it's not a regular.
and of course, you can never play Land of the Free too much.

Unknown said...

Suggestions ....

I second the "Hold Me Jesus" cover suggested by jd.

also - It may seem just too obvious, but I'd love to hear a live back to back performance of "Caanan Bound" and "Holy Is the Lord."

Shadowphone said...

I second tony's request (for Dallas).

JEG, Come Lord Jesus is excellent, but I'm not sure you can sing it at a family concert in a church without changing a word or two.

Unknown said...

High Noon and Let me Sing should be staples at every concert

Pastor Shane Ogle said...

Much belated request... considering you posted this a few months back -- but on the off chance you might see this...

My favorite of yours is "Little Boy Heart Alive" -- it's what sold me on your music (that and your love for Mullins).

My little boy is three and has a had a hard way to go since even before birth (he's doing much better now -- and is continually getting better) -- when we listen to your cd in the car -- I'll say, "Here's our song!" And he'll grin from ear to ear -- and we just sing along!

Great song -- would love to see a youtube video done on it - I'd post it on my blog for sure.

God bless.

Shane Ogle