Saturday, October 20, 2007

Finally, a Video


Rebekah said...

Dude. Get some sleep. :)


Joy from the Prison said...

AP man, you done good. Made us smile, and made yourself smile in the process.
Please get some sleep.

Gaƫl Cosendai said...

Thanks to keep us all updated with the process.
But I vote for "please get some sleep" as well... ;)

Kelly said...

Great job, AP. Hope you got some rest.

Thanks to this blog, when I saw Stuart Duncan introduced at "A Prairie Home Companion" here in Charlotte on Saturday night, I was able to clap a bit more enthusiastically. Thanks for the education. :-)

Jill said...

We do love updates - even on bookish things. Kiss your wife, hugs your kids, and get some rest.

Todd Wright said...

Did it seem like Andy was gonna' pass out there for a minute?