Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sincerest Apologies

Folks, it's been busy around these parts. I'm in the process of putting the finishing touches on not one but TWO new websites. One is a revamp of my main site, and the other is top secret. It's not really top secret. It's, like, middle secret. The point is, we haven't had much time to work on the record lately.

Ben's been working on a worship album for his church, and tonight he's out on the road with Dave Barnes, who is way cooler than me.

Gully's been touring a bit and working on his own record.

I've been working on these websites and writing till my fingers ache, literally.

But Friday. Oh, FRIDAY. I'm excited about Friday.

One of the finest fiddle players alive is once again going to add his talents to one of my songs. Stuart Duncan, whose resume is far too long to mention here, is coming over to play fiddle on "Love is a Good Thing", and for that I am glad. He's the guy playing on "Serve Hymn," "Let There Be Light," "More," Pierce Pettis's album State of Grace, which has hair-raising fiddle on songs like "Little River Canyon." I could go on and on about Stuart Duncan, like how his solo on Chris Thile's "Raining at Sunset" gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

Anyway, you get the point. He's a great player and we're honored to have him.

Hopefully we'll get some video of Stuart replacing all my parts or something.

I've seen all the talk around here about fantasy football, and I wanted to assure those of you who aren't familiar with it that you're not missing much. It's basically a jock version of a role-playing game. They don't use twelve-sided dice, they don't wear capes or carry fake swords they bought at the knife shop at the mall, but it amounts to the same thing. Boys playing pretend with numbers.

(For the record, I'm only saying all that to give Gully a hard time. It actually seems like it would be fun. Did you hear that Frank Gore broke his hand?)

Thanks for reading, folks.



Drew Scott said...

Thanks for giving Gully some time to work on his CD. It's way overdue.

Can't wait to get it and put it in my RIGBAG (my veri-word).

Peter said...

That's the best description of fantasy football that I've ever heard. Or read.

Call me morbid, but when you mentioned video of Stuart "replacing your parts", I had this weird Frankensteinian vision...

As it is, I'm sure the actual version will be much more enjoyable.

JD said...

Too many words! Not enough videos!

b.j. mumford said...

can you tell mr duncan that i have a highly prized collection of mix CDs celebrating a certain musician's contributions to other peoples' albums. a phil madeira. a john mark painter. maybe someday even a ben shive.

but my stuart duncan compilation disk is my favorite - how about "county down" from beyond nature? (i sometimes refer to "raining before sunset" as "stuart duncan's finest hour. it is also the ringtone on my phone when my wife calls. i'm a dork. but i really like stuart duncan a lot.)