Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Long Weekend

(Andy G reporting)

Last Friday the three of us flew out to St. Louis for a show in the St. Charles area. It was a great show. The folks there made for a great audience. Here are some other highlights ...

- The spicy chicken things at dinner
- The sauce that accompanied the spicy chicken
- The corn fritters
- The rolls
- The apple pie

After the show, we stayed at the Shive house. It was awesome. We got to hang out with the good old Shive family. Ben's brother and sister-in-law came in town to make it a full on party. Here are some other highlights from that visit ...

- The homemade cherry pie
- The vegetable soup
- The chocolate chip cookies
- The watching of Hot Fuzz
- The sleeping in
- The cinnamon crunch bagels
- The eggs and sausage

The only bad thing about the trip was the fact that Ben and Andrew missed their flight back to Nashville on Saturday. I was sticking around an extra day for a show of my own in Illinois. Ben and Andrew ended up arriving in Nashville around 6 PM and then had to drive over 2 hours to get to another show a couple of hours late. I was glad that I wasn't part of that craziness.

Anyways, yesterday (Monday) Ben did some editing here at my place while I went to the dentist and then to a writing appointment. I have no clue what Andrew did. Here are some other highlights from yesterday when Ben and I went to lunch at the Copper Kettle.

- The green bean casserole
- The fried okra
- The strawberry spinach salad
- The macaroni and cheese
- The roll
- The butter
- The cherry limeade slush float from Sonic

Do you see a theme here? For some reason I have gained 6 pounds since the making of this record.

On another note, this will come as a surprise to Andrew and Ben, but the football season officially started this weekend. Thanks to Chad Johnson and Carson Palmer, I won my game in my church fantasy football league. Thanks to Larry Fitzgerald, I lost in my other league by one point. Just thought you would like to know.

To prove that I am still useful for things other than eating and fantasy football, I give you this video.


rick from ga said...

Sorry to miss you at that Spring City craziness. I believe that van ride would've been an excellent addition to the "A Captain's Away" series! Quite an interesting post; "strawberry spinach salad"? Hope to see you during the new CD tour.


K. H. Kan said...

I can't believe I travelled eight hours each way only to be denied by y'all!!! Hahaha...great job editing the video Andy G. :)


Drew Scott said...

Don't you know that the football season began on Saturday, September 1, when the Appalachian State Mountaineers took the field in Ann Arbor?

BTW, I'd love to get an idea of what a "songwriting appointment" looks like.

My verification word: buweak

Peter said...

AP's gotta be stoked that you're contributing so much content lately!

Also, are you planning to write official reviews on your site for any of these fine products?

Allison said...

I must admit that I greatly enjoyed Hot Fuzz. This surprised me. If you can overlook the gratuitous Brit language, its stinkin' hilarious. I may have to see it again.

"crusty jugglers!"

Rebekah said...

Hee hee hee! I am so stinkin' jealous that those folks not only got to go and be part of the record, but also that they got to be on the one of the "let's tell 'em to take a break, and we'll re-do it" videos. MAN. SO jealous! ;)


Ron Block said...


I went on your website and found you to be ridiculously funny. The tour review haiku had me laughing - I read them for a good long while. I guess that's why the chicks dig you.


Brandy said...

All I can say is I'm really glad I didn't read this at work because I laughed way too loud!