Monday, September 17, 2007

Nearly Perfect Pitch

Not to be confused with Nearly Headless Nick.

I didn't work today because my sweet wife is out of town. That left me here at the Warren with my three kids--alone. The women of the world who are reading this are probably rolling their eyes. Here I am, acting like it's newsworthy that a dad would watch his own children. But you must understand. I'm married to Superwoman. I leave town all the time and she somehow keeps the house and the children in spit-spot shape, but not once in our twelve years of marriage has she ever left me with them overnight, let alone for four nights.

(You can stop rolling your eyes, moms.)

The thing is, I've had a great time. I realized the secret to child care: if you plan on getting anything done other than watching the kids, forget it. Make the mental shift that they're your main job, and the other piddly things that you do with your time will just have to wait until they're in bed or in college. Or, of course, you involve them in whatever it is you're doing, which they may or may not appreciate.

Today, for example, I had to chainsaw a giant tree limb into a manageable size, then transport it in pieces to the fire pit. (It was a huge tree limb, and twice I almost got really hurt by the chainsaw and the tree. It's this giant white oak tree that's probably been standing since the Cherokees roamed the area. One of the uppermost primary limbs had snapped off but didn't completely fall. The heaviest part of the broken limb (about as thick as my uncle's waist) was leaning against the tree about twenty five feet up, the whole thing supported by its leafy smaller branches. To make a long story short, when I chainsawed what I thought was a minor branch at the bottom it turned out to be the one holding the whole beast up. The giant limb fell, pulling the still-running saw about fifteen feet into the air, and as I scrambled out of the way I tripped on a branch and landed hard. Where's Gully's camera when you need it? That limb could've crushed me, and the saw could've boogered me up bad. I'll spare you the other equally scary incident.)

Anyway, I recruited the kids to help me lug the branches to the firepit. It took about two sweaty hours--that's how big this limb was. It was a tree unto itself.

So that's the secret to getting things done while caring for children: manual labor. I rewarded us all with Blue Bell ice cream. This is also a secret to child care.

I told you all that so I could tell you this: I found some video from the choir recording day of my four-year-old daughter singing her favorite song. She's obsessed with The Wizard of Oz, and is having an Oz-themed birthday party next weekend. She'll be wearing the Dorothy costume my mom just made her. (Now the moms are saying "awwww" and looking for someone to snuggle with.)

So I present to you, ladies and germs, my daughter in all her cuteness. Be sure and watch the video till the end. Oh, and when I put the soundtrack music into the video, I noticed that Skye was singing it in the right key. How amazing is that?


Listening to: The Wizard Of Oz - Judy Garland - Over the Rainbow
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Taran said...

Cleverly, your tale of falling trees and gyrating aerial chainsaws has just guaranteed that your wife won't leave the three kids alone with you again.

Nicely done.

Rebekah Mitchell said...

Aw - sooo sweet! Even with the word "poop" figuring into the video. ;)

And I agree with Taran - the story about the chainsaw-grabbing-tree is a plot! A clever plot - but a plot nonetheless.

Hee hee. Soooo glad you weren't hurt!


Blessedman said...

Since this blog is obviously a cry for men to share chainsaw "almost" horror stories.

I was cutting down a tall dead tree with mine when all of a sudden i realized a swarm of ants were climbing up the blade from inside the trunk...I literally threw the live chainsaw and started the tree was falling down...about 8 feet from me. (checking toes and fingers)

Man i LOVE my chainsaw!

Katherine Kamin said...

Super cute video... I'm sure Skye will be thrilled with it when she's about 16...
Seriously, though, you have quite the little singer on your hands!

Shadowphone said...

WOW! How did they navigate the spinning chain? I'm picturing ants getting thrown off in all directions, like some kind of superweapon...

My favorite chainsaw is the one on the seven-foot pole. Phenomenal slicing power -- at a distance!

Cute video. Daughters certainly do change a man (not that sons don't, but you know what I mean).

Curt McLey said...

The talent for weaving a sublime musical performance with great humor. Like father, like daughter.

Seriously, the near perfect pitch thing blows my mind. That song slays me anyway. Further, to see such evidence of God in a four year-old child--jeepers creepers--what a treat. Thanks for sharing it, AP.

Curt McLey said...

Watching the video again, I noticed further comedy. Notice Andy's immediate action upon hearing the "poop" comment. I did it, Andy did it, most dad's do it. Exit stage left.

Tony Kevin said...

That was brilliant! She is so adorable!

Shawn said...

It was even cuter in person!

Tanya said...

So are we going to be hearing a daddy daughter duet on your next album?

Jacob said...

I'm telling you that perfect pitch this is right on. Not only is it in the original key, but it STAYS THERE! And when melody goes too low for her, she doesn't compensate and change the key, she just keeps on going. Great to see. I'm very interested in how perfect pitch is aquired, and why we don't all have it, especially when most of us have perfect "color" pitch when it comes to light. Anyway, great stuff.

*justjill* said...

Too cute! Makes me think of my girl singing. Too cute, indeed.

P.S. I bought my husband a chainsaw for our anniversary. And a sledge hammer. He said it was the best anniversary ever.